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More campaigning and more debating as runoff approaches

RINCON, Ga. (WSAV) - It's a big bus with the name KEMP painted across the side.  No doubt who those riding inside support for Georgia Governor.

On Friday, friends and family of Secretary Brian Kemp arrived at a Rincon restaurant for a campaign rally. Kemp who is the Secretary of State is in a runoff for the Republican nomination, facing Lieutenant Governor Casey Cage.

Kemp was not in Rincon though. His wife Marty said he would be coming to the local area later in the day and was flying in after being in Atlanta on Thursday night for his latest debate with Cagle.

"He would rather be here with you all," said Mrs. Kemp. "Because he was getting beat up by his opponent (last night) who saying lies about him."  

For several weeks now, barbs have been traded between the candidates. Thursday evening, Cagle brought up an attack he has leveled against Kemp for several weeks now saying that Kemp has taken illegal campaign contributions from the companies he is supposed to regulate as Secretary of State. 

"He's the one who's taken illegal campaign contributions as Secretary of State," said Cagle.  "Over $300,000 from the people which you regulate. My questions is when are you going to stand up and do your job as Secretary of State?"

Kemp fired back: "Well as you can see, Cagle is lying about the facts."

Kemp has gotten in some licks of his own recently. He is hammering Cagle on remarks Cagle made about legislation he helped to pass in the last session - but it was a bill that Cagle said was a "bad" bill.

Cagle's conversation with a former candidate, Clay Tippins," was secretly recorded by Tippins. 

"But the fact of the matter is you should be explaining the lies that you're telling," Kemp said to Cagle during the debate.  "What you did was put politics and campaign contributions ahead of good public policy." 

In terms of campaigns, Kemp has been gaining ground in recent weeks and the race is now said to be a dead heat.  

Among Kemp supporters in Rincon, Mayor Ken Lee told us he believes the tape is definitely hurting Cagle.

"I think without a doubt it's had an impact and it's out there and regardless of how it came about or what was said - it's in the news and people are hearing it and they're getting that message," said Lee. 

Cagle was scheduled to be in Savannah campaigning Saturday. The Kemp campaign said he will likely be in the area before the runoff which is July 24.

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