BEAUFORT, S.C (WSAV) — Some voters in the Lowcountry took advantage of early voting. Folks came out in record numbers ahead of Election Day.

 In Jasper County, nearly 19% of residents took part in early voting. And in Beaufort County, over 17% of registered voters have cast their ballot right before election day on Tuesday.

Director of the Board of Voter Registration, Marie Smalls says one of the reasons voters are heading to the polls in record numbers for early voting is because they feel they have all the information they need to make their decision.

“Because every time you turn around, someone’s talking about a candidate, somebody’s talking about an issue, and I think the information that’s out there, people just been bombarded for the last couple of months starting with the primary,” Smalls said.

Daniel Regan, a Beaufort resident said he cast his vote due to the large crowd Election Day brings, but he said no matter it’s important to let your voice be heard.

“Everybody should vote,” Regan said. “I spent 32 years in the military and literally around the world, people are dying for the right to vote. So, that’s one of our biggest freedoms biggest rights we have in this country. Everyone should take advantage because it’s our only way to determine which direction our country is going to go.”

And if you’re going to vote on Election Day, officials say it is important to know where to vote and bring necessary items like your ID and voter registration ID.