SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A group of local democratic lawmakers gathered on River Street to take aim at Rep. Buddy Carter, and other Georgia Republicans they claim are part of the “extreme GOP.”

Mayor Van Johnson and House District 1 candidate Wade Herring both spoke at the Wednesday press conference to tour their record and campaign promises. Herring blasted Carter for his stances on abortion, expanding health care and his vote against capping the cost of insulin. 

“Mr. Carter has advocated for criminalization of abortion, with no exceptions including rape, incest and the life of the mother,” Herring said. “He’s opposed the expansion of healthcare … he opposed the insulin cap, I mean everything he is against that would help the working folks and families of this district.” 

The “Too Extreme GOP” tour is a part of the Democratic National Convention’s campaign to contrast the parties’ stances ahead of the 2022 November midterm elections. The press conference focused on GOP attempts to cut medicare, social security benefits and abortion bans.

“Georgia Democrats are working overtime to distract from the fact that they are raising taxes on hardworking Georgians after promoting a disastrous agenda that resulted in near 40-year high inflation and created a recession,” said RNC spokesperson Garrison Douglas. “Georgians won’t take the bait and will reject the Democrats this November.”