SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The secretary of states office said more than two million people voted early, about a third of active voters.

Poll workers WSAV spoke to on Tuesday, told us the busiest time of day was in the morning before slowing down for the rest of the day.

Voters said there’s a lot riding on the midterm elections and a lot of passion and emotion on both sides of the aisle. Political science experts said the high early turnout is very unusual for the midterms when there’s no president on the ballot.

“I think we have a sort of contentious candidates going on right now and a lot of emotion behind voters’ decision, so I think that’s why there’s such a high turnout this year,” Brian Kilkenny said.

With a growing number of independent voters, experts say it’s difficult to predict how early voting will affect each party.

“The future of the Senate depends, in part, on what happens in Georgia today. Getting that national attention is wonderful,” said Dr. Lara Wessel, a political science professor. “At the same time, that takes the state of Georgia and puts it right in the middle of that hyper-partisanship and that can make things difficult.”

Wessel explained in some of the tight races, we may not have results Tuesday night if they are within a few points. She said that’s no reason to panic and suggested that those counting the votes are being careful and thorough.