BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joins a growing list all competing to be the Republican presidential nominee. On Friday, DeSantis started his Palmetto State tour in Bluffton.

Most people at the rally were either in support of DeSantis or undecided but there were a couple dozen people completely opposed.

While DeSantis was pitching himself to voters, there were a couple of dozen people outside where that pitch fell on deaf ears.

“He’s not welcome here,” Betsy Dowling said. Dowling was part of a group of seniors from Sun City who came wearing mickey mouse hats and holding protest signs. They wanted to make sure the governor was aware of their dissent.

“I wanted to do something today because I did nothing and Trump got elected and I want to prevent that kind of fascism and just ridiculousness,” Melinda Hengle said.

That group stood next to another group on the same patch of grass – both protesting DeSantis. However, the other group was supporting a different viewpoint and a totally different candidate.

“I’m a Trump supporter,” Cherry Norris said. “I think he is the best candidate to take back our country.”

The Hilton Head resident said she’s supporting the former president because she thinks his job isn’t done.

“Trump has a proven record. Again, if you look at his agenda, he has a forward-thinking plan for America. DeSantis has no policies,” Norris said. “He’s a globalist, supported by the ‘RINO’ establishment.”

Then there were many people like John Burnson who were still undecided.

“I just want to explore what the DeSantis is all about. I know what Trump’s about, but I just want to see what’s going on and find the right guy who’s electable,” the Bluffton resident said.

From there DeSantis’ campaigned in Lexington and finished his day in Greenville, South Carolina.