SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Many people are still reacting to last night’s sometimes contentious debate between the 3 gubernatorial candidates.

Georgia’s gubernatorial debate sponsored by Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) was the center of attention across the state Monday night.

Candidates focused on issues they hope will encourage people to vote—one being election integrity.

“Unfortunately Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensberger have decided to restore their greatest hits,” said Stacey Abrams, Democratic Candidate for Governor. 

“Just today a homeless woman was denied the right to vote in Forsyth County because she could not, she did not receive a provisional ballot because she’d been challenged. As Governor I intend to stand up for the right to vote. I will always acknowledge the outcome of elections, but I will never deny access to every voter.”

Governor Kemp reaffirmed his support of the Elections Integrity Act and commented on Abrams’ prior statements against Senate Bill 202.

“In 2018 in the Governor’s race, we had the largest African American turnout in the country. She said that Senate Bill 202, our recent Elections Integrity Act we passed two years ago, would be suppressive in Jim Crow 2.0.,” Governor Brian Kemp said, “Just this past May we again had record turnout in the Republican Primary and the Democratic Primary. In Georgia, it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat.”   

Libertarian Candidate Shane Hazel stated, “Although I will push for people to have access to going to the polls and voting. You’re not pushing valid access. This is a huge huge oppression for people like the 3rd parties and people that want to get their people on the ballot. We have I think 20 percent democrats and 20 percent republicans in the state of Georgia. That leaves 60 percent of people in Georgia unrepresented by ballot access laws that both of them support.”

The next scheduled debate between the gubernatorial candidates is on October 30th.