ATLANTA (WSAV) — In just four weeks, Georgia could have a new governor. Democrat Stacey Abrams is campaigning heavily across the state in a rematch similar to her 2018 campaign when she lost to Gov. Brian Kemp by about 55,000 votes.

Abrams said she wants to fix the state’s healthcare infrastructure.

“Four years ago, I stood for governor because we faced a number of crises. A healthcare crisis, an education crisis, a criminal justice crisis — that was being mitigated — but we needed real opportunity for so many Georgians,” Abrams said. “Four years later we find ourselves mired in the same crisis but we’ve layered on top of it COVID and economic challenges.”

Abrams said expanding Medicaid would create 64,000 jobs and reduce healthcare costs. 

“In Georgia, right now we are not only about to lose yet another hospital — the 14th since 2013 we are going to lose one of the only level 1 trauma centers in metro Atlanta,” Abrams said. “Which means that if you have a crisis between Dade County and Athens — if Grady Hospital can’t take you, the next closest hospital will be in Macon.”

Abrams wants to invest in affordable housing and clean energy to help improve the state”s economy.

“We can thrive across the board,” Abrams said. “So, advanced energy, solar, wind, hydro. We can create 25,000 to 40,000 good-paying jobs if we draw down federal money and we create a green energy bank,” Abrams said.

Fixing schools and increasing teacher pay is another key priority for Abrams.

“I intend to raise starting salaries to $50,000 and on top of that, make certain that we give every teacher a raise of $11,000 so that our senior teachers stay in the classroom, our mid-range teachers want to continue to work here and we can attract more young teachers into the process,” Abrams said.

“I want to make certain that if you are in our education system you can afford to live in our communities,” Abrams said.

Although recent polls indicate Kemp has a slight lead over Abrams, data shows Abrams has raised about $20 million more in fundraising for ad campaigns.