Governor’s Race: Kemp spokesman says it’s over, Democrats disagree

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The votes in the Georgia governor’s race are decided, according to a spokesman for Brian Kemp who said Wednesday that Kemp has an “insurmountable” lead.

He said it’s time for Stacey Abrams to resign.

Abrams campaign staff, however, couldn’t disagree more. Several campaign staffers appeared at a press conference called by Democratic lawmakers at the State Capitol in Atlanta.  

The legislators displayed a long table filled with copied forms displaying names of voters who cast provisional ballots.  

“We are sending a message to the Secretary of State’s office to count all the votes and it’s very consistent with messages and orders that are coming from federal judges,” said State Senator Nan Orrock from the Atlanta area.

Orrock and others are citing concerns from larger urban precincts where they say people waited in long lines to vote on Nov. 6 because of a lack of voting machines and even a lack of adequate paper provisional ballots. 

“Kemp, unfortunately, chose to stay as Secretary of State and these problems are at his feet,” said Orrock.

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, the campaign attorney for the Abrams for Governor campaign, said in some cases, the issues were bad enough to just keep some people from casting a vote at all.

“We have received report after report after report from voters who were denied a provisional ballot,” she said. “These are people who were in a County where they ran out of provisional ballots and so people were turned away.”

The Abrams campaign says it has received 25,000 complaints from voters who cited irregularities on Election Day.  But Lawrence-Hardy said she couldn’t say how many had been verified as legitimate complaints but said so far it’s in the hundreds.

Democrats are pushing for more provisional and absentee ballots that were thrown out because of irregularities – like a signature not quite matching – to be counted. Yet as of Wednesday, 158 of Georgia’s 159 counties had certified their vote counts.

The state was ordered this week to wait until Friday to certify votes statewide, something which the Abrams’ folks hope will buy time. But the Kemp campaign said it’s over. 

“After all of the theatrics, the math remains the same. Abrams lost and Brian Kemp won. This election is over. Stacey Abrams needs to concede. It’s time to move past the campaign and work towards a safer, stronger Georgia,” said Kemp campaign spokesman Cody Hall.

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