ATLANTA (WSAV) — A recent Emerson poll put Gov. Brian Kemp with a 6-point lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams but both candidates agree that polls don’t equal votes.

Kemp and Abrams outlined key policies during a debate with the Atlanta Press Club on how they would lead Georgia.

“And what I’m for is doing another billion-dollar tax rebate and doing property tax relief grants,” Kemp said.

“Medicaid expansion is a perfect example,” Abrams said. “We have 19 hospitals at the risk of closure, joining the six hospitals that have closed under this governor.”

“Helping you fight 40-year inflation and disastrous policies in Washington D.C.,” Kemp said. “I will remind you that Stacey Abrams campaigned to be Biden’s running mate.”

Abrams said crime has gone up under Kemp’s leadership.

“Street gangs did not shoot six Asian women going into a gun store, getting a weapon and murdering women in less than an hour,” Abrams said. “Street gangs aren’t the reason people are getting shot in grocery stores and parking lots and in schools.”

“He promised to keep us safe but crime has gone up, he promised to protect us and yet he has attacked our freedoms,” Abrams said. “He has promised to take care of our families and yet the rising prices in Georgia are rising because he refused to expand Medicaid.” 

Kemp said Georgia’s economy continues to thrive with low unemployment because of his policies.

“We had the lowest unemployment rate in the country for African Americans,” Kemp said. “We also were named, we’re in the top 10 for Black entrepreneurship ”

Kemp defeated Abrams in the 2018 midterms by about 55,000 votes and now faces a rematch on Tuesday.

“I’m so optimistic about the future of our state. The lowest unemployment rate in the history of the state, the most people working, and economic opportunities in all parts of the state no matter your zipcode or neighborhood,” Kemp said.

“As the next governor, I want us to have more. More money in our pockets, more protections in our lives, more freedom in our days and more opportunity in our communities,” Abrams said.

Republican Kemp, Democrat Abrams and Libertarian Shane Hazel are on the ballot for the governor’s race but if a candidate does not secure one more than 50% of the votes, the race will go to a run-off on Dec. 6.