ATLANTA (WSAV) — Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin joined Gov. Brian Kemp and his family for a get-out-the-vote rally in downtown Alpharetta Tuesday.

Kemp highlighted accomplishments during the pandemic like the state gas tax exemption, keeping businesses open and allowing kids back to classrooms.

“We are going to do a one-time property tax relief that will save most Georgians 15-25% on your taxes and help you fight 40-year high inflation,” Kemp said.

At Tuesday’s rally, Youngkin who endorsed Kemp said Georgia “got it right” and now it’s up to voters.

“You see this is about elections and coming together and elections have consequences,” Youngkin said.

The rally also had Stacey Abrams supporters who were opposed to Kemp’s policy on guns and abortion. Abrams said she’s running to expand Medicaid in Georgia and blamed the governor for the closing of hospitals.

“What I have been focused on literally the last six months and next four years is to help you fight and that’s what we did last session where we sent your money back to you over a billion dollars in tax money back in your pocket,” Kemp said.

The Kemp-Abrams rematch is similar to the 2018 gubernatorial race where Kemp defeated Abrams — with all eyes now on election day, Nov. 8.

Besides healthcare and abortion access, many Georgia voters say fixing the economy, and reducing crime are key concerns.

“Glenn Youngkin is just the latest out-of-touch wannabe 2024 contender headed to Georgia who — just like Brian Kemp — cares more about protecting his political career than fighting for hardworking families,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Abrams campaign. “Just like Kemp, Youngkin is backing a new abortion ban in his state and already proving how dangerous a right-wing lame-duck governor can be to our rights and freedoms.”

Residents have until Oct. 11 to register to vote in the November midterms and until Oct. 28 to request an absentee ballot. 

Candidates can request a recount if it falls within a 0.5% margin and have two days after initial certification to request a recount. Dec. 6 will be the run-off election if a candidate does not get one more vote than 50%.