ATLANTA (WSAV) — With about a month to go on the campaign trail, Gov. Brian Kemp and his Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams have launched ads, fundraisers and political rallies across the peach state to win your vote.

In 2018, Kemp defeated abrams by about 55,000 votes and is now gearing up for a rematch on Nov. 8.

In an interview with the means report, Kemp said costs are skyrocketing and Democratic lawmakers are to blame. Kemp said his Abrams would continue those policies.

“Stacey Abrams has embraced all those policies that have caused us 40-year high inflation, a disaster at the gas pump a disaster at the border,” Kemp said. “Congress has just voted to raise taxes on hard-working Georgians and hard-working Americans while spending more money.”

Kemp said he wants to lower property tax to save Georgians up to 25% due to rising costs.

“I am focused on helping Georgians fight through 40-year high inflation, the disaster at the gas pump, keep our economy in great shape,” Kemp said. “We are off to a great school year, we had a lot of people that criticize us for getting kids back into the classroom but that’s something I felt like we needed to do.”

Kemp said Abrams would be bad for business in Georgia and would hurt the state’s economy.

“Despite Stacey Abrams saying that our new voter integrity law is suppressive and Jim Crow 2.0 and I would remind your listeners that she also pressured Major League Baseball and got them to pull the All-Star game,” Kemp said.

Despite polls showing him with a slight lead, Kemp says all Georgians need to show up and vote.

“They also want somebody that’s going to stand up for them even under incredible pressure and other things,” Kemp said. “And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve been fighting for hard-working Georgians, whether they voted for me or not. I have been fighting for them and that’s what I told them I would do when I got sworn in January 14th, 2019,” Kemp said.

Abrams said Kemp cares more about corporations and the wealthy than the average Georgia family. WSAV will hear from her in a sit-down interview next week.