SOUTH CAROLINA (WSAV) — The race for the First Congressional District in South Carolina is down to its last day with both candidates believing they have the momentum to win the seat for their party.

Both Nancy Mace and Dr. Annie Andrews have been willing to take shots at their opponent, as they solidify their positions for voters.

Democrat Dr. Andrews is focusing on the issues of gun control and personal freedom, especially connected to the possibility of a full National abortion ban, to draw in young voters.

“The republicans take control of the house and senate they have been very upfront they want a national abortion ban,” said Andrews. “They, want to slash social security and Medicare benefits. Those are things that will take decades to recover from. So we need to have a very open mind when we walk into the polls this November.”

“The reason that South Carolina has a state law with exceptions for girls that have been raped and are victims of incest is that I put it in there,” Mace said. “I told my story of being raped in 2019. I fought hard for women and girls who have been raped.”

Incumbent Mace said while she believes the economy is the issue everyone in the district needs to focus on. She says her record shows she wants to protect the rights of women in the Palmetto State.

“We need to cut back on spending with the Federal government especially when we are borrowing money from other countries to pay for things we don’t need,” Mace said. “and then taxes we have to lower taxes in this country and work on the supply chain. Those are the things we can do right now to address inflation and the economy. And I have done that in several pieces of inflation so far this year.”

Both candidates believe if elected they can work across the aisle with both parties to benefit the District.

“When I have a sick patient and I need help from a subspecialist like a pediatric cardiologist, I pick up the phone and I ask them to help me treat this patient,” said Dr. Andrews. “I don’t first ask them what party they are in. We work together no matter our background no matter our belief system because our goal is to solve the problem in front of us. We need more of that in Washington, DC and that’s exactly what I hope to bring.”

“I have operated as an independent voice,” Mace explained. “I have brought Republicans and Democrats together on many pieces of legislation including reducing gun violence, civil rights, veterans benefits cyber security, and economic issues. I have done that already and look forward to continuing my work.”

“She is voting in line with her party no matter what is best for her District and that is the exact opposite of what I will do,” Andrews said. “I am not beholden to my party and would not step away from the career that I love if I was just going to go up there and play political games.”

History is not in favor of the Democrats in this race.

Only once in the last 40 years has the first Congressional district turned blue when Joe Cunningham won in 2018?

Mace defeated Cunningham in 2020 by less than two points.