Exclusive poll shows Joe Biden with double-digit lead in SC ahead of primary

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – Ahead of Saturday’s primary, a new statewide poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden with a commanding lead over his competitors in South Carolina.

According to a Nexstar Media South Carolina TV Stations/Emerson College Poll, Former Vice President Joe Biden received 41.4%, Bernie Sanders received 24.8%, followed by Pete Buttigieg with 11.1%, Tom Steyer with 10.8%, Amy Klobuchar with 5.5%, Elizabeth Warren 4.7% and Tulsi Gabbard with 1.8%.

Candidates must receive at least 15% of the vote Saturday to qualify for any delegates.

The survey was conducted on February 26 and February 27 following Tuesday’s debate and included 550 people. Women made up 59.3% of survey respondents, while men represented 40.7% of the survey.

75.3% of those surveyed identified as Democrat, 20.5% as Independent/other and 4.2% as Republican.

Nexstar Media South Carolina TV Stations/Emerson College

The margin of error for the poll is plus or minus 4.1%

On Wednesday, Joe Biden secured the endorsement of Rep. James Clyburn, the highest-ranking black member of Congress and crucial endorsement in the state.

The poll also asked, If Mike Bloomberg had been on the ballot, would you have voted for him?

  • Yes        117     21.3%
  • No        433     78.7%

Biden would lose 22% of his supporters and would drop from 41.4% to 32% overall.

Sanders would lose 10% of his support and would drop from 24.8% to 22% overall.

Buttegieg would lose 18% of his support and would drop from 11% to 9%.

Steyer would lose 34% of his support and would drop from 10.8% to 7%.

The poll also asked other political hot topic questions:

The South Carolina State Senate is currently debating the Fetal Heart Bill which would prohibit abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.  Do you support or opposed the Fetal Heart Bill?

  • Support     170     31% (31% of Men) (31% of Women)
  • Oppose      274     49.8%       (46% of Men) (52% of Women)
  • Undecided 91       16.6%       (22% of Men) (12% of Women)

Which of the following marijuana policies do you favor?

  • Keeping Marijuana illegal      75       13.7%    (17% of Men) (11% of Women)
  • Medical Purposes Only          159     28.9%    (28% of Men) (29% of Women)
  • Decriminalizing, Like a Traffic Ticket     94       17%      (12% of Men) (20% of Women)
  • Full legalization (sales/distribution/use)  222     40.4%    (42% of Men) (39% of Women)

Do you support a 4% raise for teachers?

  • Yes           493     89.5%       (91% of Men) (89% of Women)
  • No             28       5.1%         (5% of Men) (5% of Women)
  • Unsure    29       5.3%

Additional results from the poll will be released Friday morning on Yout Local Election Headquarters.

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