BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — It was a day of campaign stops in Beaufort County for the Democratic challenger in South Carolina’s First Congressional District.

Dr. Annie Andrews spoke to voters at events in both Bluffton and Hilton Head.

The pediatrician and mother of three is a relative newcomer to politics.

She said she began as a gun control prevention researcher, then decided to get involved deeper in the political world and run for office after seeing how current congresswoman Nancy Mace voted on topics like climate change, and gun control legislation.

“She was the one mother in this district after the Uvalde shooting to have a chance to stand up and do something to protect our schools and she wasn’t able to do that,” explains Andrews. “She voted against that bill, she voted against the January 6th hearing, she voted against impeaching Donald Trump. She doesn’t have a voting record in line with what people in the 1st District are focused on.”

Now Andrews says she is seeing a new groundswell of support for her campaign since the decision to overturn Roe vs Wade by the Supreme Court and the recent rash of strict abortion regulations in states across America, including those proposed in South Carolina.

“That changed everything,” said Andrews. “I think all the rules when it comes to midterm elections went out the window. We have seen that at our campaign events. So many young women come up to me and say I have never been at a political event before but I am here and I brought a friend and I want to figure out what we can do to elect someone who is going to fight for our rights.”

Andrews has pledged to listen to her constituents, work across the aisle in Congress, and serve no more than 3 terms if she is elected.