SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The results of the Georgia House District 163 runoff have been made official.

The Chatham County Board of Elections re-certified the results of the race between Democrats Derek Mallow and Anne Westbrook Monday afternoon. The recount request was made by Westbrook.

According to the board, Mallow defeated Westbrook by 19 votes. The final tally: Mallow 2,678 and Westbrook 2,659

Preliminary results showed Mallow winning by 20 votes; the figure was corrected to 19 after the recount.

Westbrook’s vote count remained the same.

“I’ve said previously that this recount has always been about the process, never about the outcome,” Westbrook wrote on her campaign page. “I asked for a hand recount because I stand with the Democratic leadership in this state that questions the new voting machines and because I wanted to make sure all our processes at the state and the county level are as transparent and reliable as they can be.”

She later released a statement criticizing the election board, and requested they release “all documents during the recount and give the public notice and an opportunity to be heard before certifying the results.”

Meanwhile, on his campaign page, Mallow said the recount has provided “a better understanding of and more faith” in the counting process.

“We will ensure every vote is counted in November by working with community groups to oppose exact match signatures and make sure that the Board of Registrars provides timely notice when absentee ballots are rejected,” he added.

Mallow faces no opponent on the Nov. 3 ballot.