A closer look: Big names campaigning in Georgia governor race

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With just 6 days until Election Day, the candidates for Georgia Governor are pulling out all the stops to get your vote.

Big time politicians and celebrities are heading to the Peach State to stump for their candidates.

President Donald Trump will head to Macon Sunday to hold a ‘Make America Great Again’ along with candidate Brian Kemp. Vice President Mike Pence is hitting the campaign trail too.

He’s returning to Savannah Thursday to show his support at Kemp’s rally.

Former President Barack Obama will host a ‘Get Out the Vote’ rally in Atlanta Friday for a final campaign rally for Stacey Abrams. Plus, media icon Oprah Winfrey will join Abrams for two town hall conversations Thursday in the Atlanta area.

Political experts say voters should be surprised to see this type of star power in Georgia just days before the election.

“I think they’re probably still some undecided voters if an endorsement like this helps is still a little bit of a mixed bag of possibilities,” says Bruce Mallard, SSU Political Science Professor.

“It might get people to rallies that wouldn’t come otherwise, some wouldn’t care about listening to a boring campaign speech from a candidate, but they would come to hear a celebrity, so that accomplishes something,” says Mallard.

Mallard also talked about the possibility of a runoff in the race for governor. Polls show the candidates are in a dead heat.

In Georgia, you must have 50 percent plus one to be declared a winner.

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