COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — Legislation that increased the to-go sales limit at South Carolina craft breweries was signed into law last month.

The South Carolina Craft Beer Economic Development Act increased the limit from 288 ounces per customer per day to 864 ounces. This means customers could bring home multiple cases of beer or a keg straight from the brewery.

The South Carolina Brewers Guild believes the change will benefit consumers and breweries. “That’s the biggest benefit beer drinkers and consumers will be seeing when they walk into taprooms,” Executive Director Campbell Mims said.

Other states like Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee do not have a limit on sales to customers for off-premises consumption.

The legislation also makes it easier for breweries to move their product to other facilities they own. Mims said the bonded transfers will benefit breweries who have multiple brewing facilities in the state.

“They’re able to transfer their beer between locations without having to buy it from a wholesaler,” Mims said.

According to Mims, the Brewers Guild hopes to see the economic impact of the state’s craft beer industry reach $1.5 billion a year in the future. He said changes like these will help.

Currently, there are about 140 craft breweries in South Carolina.