A woman accused of collecting payments from Wayne County High School seniors and using some money for personal use has been arrested.

Jackie Bozeman-Dean, 45, was arrested on one count of racketeering activity by engaging in more than two acts of theft with a similar scheme. She was supposed to organize a cruise for high school seniors and is accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars from those students and families and never booking their Caribbean vacation.

The trips had been paid for by March, but by the time the trip was actually booked in May, there were only 19 students out of more than 70 who had paid for the trip.

So where did that money go? Right now there is a lot of speculation as to the motive and one parent says she has an idea. 

Theresa Johnson told News 3, “I gave her $600–six-100 dollar bills–at Metro (gas station) up there in Jesup…  There’s a casino there and I told my husband, I said Bae, they goin’ in playin’ the slots.  He said, what?  I said yeah, I just gave her $600.  She asked me, did I want a receipt?  I said sure I want a receipt.”

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Dean turned herself into the Wayne County Jail Thursday afternoon.

On Tuesday, May 15, the GBI was requested by the Brunswick Judicial District Attorney’s Office to assist in the theft investigation.

The investigation revealed that Bozeman-Dean had organized a cruise for the graduating Wayne County High Seniors. She collected payments from those seniors and/or their parents planning on attending the cruise.

GBI says the investigation is ongoing and the exact number of victims and amount of money taken is yet to be determined.