Woman Convicted of Murder in “Bonnie and Clyde” Crime Spree

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The headline may be a Savannah woman faces a potential life sentence for murder, but its what she did after going to jail which makes this case even more interesting and bizarre.

It was 2014, Laquan Brown was just 20 years old and went on an 8 day robbery rampage. One of those thefts left a man dead.

“There were several people surrounding his work vehicle,” explains Christy Barker, Chatham County Prosecutor. “He began to call out for help, heard shots, Mr Carter staggered toward witnesses and collapses in a pool of blood. The people jump into the car and fled.”

That’s the day in August of 2014 when Laquan Brown took it to the next deadly level. Asking for his help, she lured Ivory Carter to Hampstead street – where investigators say she and her boyfriend robbed and then killed him.

Its what the District Attorney’s Office said was part of an eight day crime spree with multiple victims, during which Brown and Rashard Mosely tried to make some cash off unsuspecting men. men like Frederick Knight.

“His truck was shot up,” explains Barker. “There was a piece of metal in the window frame of the drivers side door that kept a bullet from going into his chest. So it would have been a murder.”

Knight was able to escape, then went to police and helped get Brown and Mosely arrested.

But even time in jail didn’t stop the couple from talking about each other and their crimes.

“One of the first things she does is writes to Prince Owens who’s the victim of this burglary,” said Barker. “And asks him to call Frederick knight and tell him not to come to court. Ill give him anything he wants or else ill go to prison.”

Brown also talks about how to “act crazy” to get in the mental health wing, and potentially get Mosely off charges.

She wasn’t planning for more jail time, she wanted to continue life and a life of crime back on the streets.

“She talks about oh we are Bonnie and Clyde and we are going to get back to our Bonnie and Clyde stuff but this time we are going to do it right,” explained Barker. “Which to me means we aren’t going to leave any witnesses behind. To me thats scary scary stuff.”

That fear and the physical and written evidence was enough for the jury to convict Brown on 28 of 31 charges including Malice and Felony Murder.

“I really feel like they considered everything and this was the right result,” said Barker.

“Were you scared if she got back on the streets?”

“Absolutely. I think she’d be right back at this given the opportunity.”

Barker says the case wouldn’t have been made at all without the work of Savannah Chatham Metro Detective Nichols, who poured over tapes and letters for untold hours to find the incrimnating messages.

Brown’s boyfriend Rashard Mosely is awaiting trial.

Brown could face life in prison when she’s sentenced next month.

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