Woman accused of running filthy puppy mill to stand trial in June


METTER, Ga. (WSAV)-A woman accused of running a puppy mill in Candler and Montgomery counties is set to go on trial in June.
Angela Powell is facing 35 animal cruelty charges—four of them are felonies and the other 31 are misdemeanors.

The allegations are that she mistreated more than a hundred dogs. Investigators said some of the animals died in her care.

A Candler County judge set Angela Powell’s trial for June 15th. The judge will hear no other case besides Powells on that date. This decision is usually made when the case involves a lot of witnesses and expert testimony.

The prosecution picked up where they left off back in October. They showed judge medical autopsy reports of dogs who allegedly died in Powell’s care.

“We think that for scheduling purposes because we have experts and some other individuals, that it may be best to specially set this and would like to do so in June,” said Assistant District Attorney, Jessica Willson.

Powell’s defense attorney Mitchell Shook agreed the hearing should be the only one on the court docket on that date.

He also plans to call his own experts to the stand.

“Make sure you got everything, I’m putting that burden on you to go make sure you’ve got everything that she’s got in her file,” said Candler County Judge, Robert Reeves.

Authorities said they rescued more than 100 dogs that were living in cramped spaces on Powells property. Many of them were covered in their own feces.

Officials with the Atlanta Humane Society said several of the dogs will never fully recover.

“We’ve had people from all over the country that have reached out in our office and are concerned about what’s going on and concerned about these dogs and what happened and we are too,” said Chief Assistant District Attorney, Tripp Fitzner.

Fitzner told Donna Hensley, a potential witness, that the national spotlight could slow jury selection down.

“You know, it just makes everything take longer, its not good or bad,” said Fitzner. “I’m not saying that’s it’s going help or it’s going to hurt us I’m just going say it requires a little more attention when you’re talking to the jurors.”

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