Witnesses testify Timone Hooper admitted he killed someone


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – On Wednesday, Timone Hooper entered the Chatham County Courthouse for the second day of his trial. He is accused of murdering Laurence Bryan IV in 2015.

2 witnesses say they heard him admitting that he murdered someone.

Hooper’s ex-girlfriend also took the stand Wednesday and testified that Hooper told her to get rid of weapons inside her home.

She testified that she found a gun in a hole in the boxspring they often shared.

The witness testified that she did not know that Hooper may have used the weapon to kill someone. She added that the whole ordeal “messed [her] up mentally” and that she “lost [her] peace of mind.”

Another witness testified that she overheard Hooper talking about killing Bryan. She says he was talking to 2-3 friends and that he did not see her sitting in a car nearby.

Hooper’s cellmate testified that Hooper admitted to killing someone because he needed money. The witness said that Hooper did not mention Bryan’s name.

The cellmate also said Hooper told him that he would not let the lead detective on the case “live his life after he beat the [murder] charge.”

The cellmate also testified that Hooper told him that he would kill his ex-girlfriend.

The trial continues tomorrow.

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