Wild pigs posing a problem on Oatland Island


(OATLAND ISLAND) A Chatham County island community is calling on federal authorities to help remove dozens of wild boar that have taken up residence on Oatland Island. There are roughly 50 homes in East Pines, just off Islands Expressway. Rogert Nagengast, president of the East Pines Homeowners Association, says about 30 wild boar came ashore in their Oatland Island community in October. ” When they’re here, they’re rooting up, rooting up lawns, tearing bark off trees, and ya’d know, again, once again it gets down to a safety issue..of pets and ya’ know, folks being out.” Nagengast said.

The feral pig problem falls under the umbrella of federal authorities, so Nagengast contacted the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, has an agency called Wildlife Services. It’s their job to mitigate conflicts between wildlife and humans. In Georgia, the feral swine biologist is Nat Ondovchik. USDA Wildlife Services were called in last year to help East Pines residents last year. The current problem isn’t the first run-in residents in the Oatland Island community had with wild boars. “Last year, we wound up having an invasion again, in the fall, there were about 24 boar that were eradicated.” Nagengast said. He adds that trapping or hunting the feral pigs is illegal, which is why authorities have been called in again. “The USDA is just coming out again to set up traps and do what they did last year, to be able to attract them, capture them, and, ya’ know, remove them.” said Nagengast.https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/banner/contactus/sa_wildlife_damage/

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