Where we’re going, we don’t need roads


High transportation system will move you at OVER 600mph.

Today Virgin Hyperloop released its vision for transportation. They claim pods will be able to glide at 670mph inside tubes that can connect cities across the country.

Hyperloop was originally conceived by Elon Musk. But now it’s had a makeover.

It was unveiled by Elon Musk in 2013, who at the time said it could take passengers the 380 miles from LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes – half the time it takes a plane.

It is essentially a long tube that has had the air removed to create a vacuum. For safety reasons, Hyperloop tunnels need escape hatches in case of fire. 

The tube is suspended off the ground to protect against weather and earthquakes. 

There are now a number of firms vying to bring the technology to life, including Elon Musk himself, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and Virgin Hyperloop One.  

Well, Virgin’s take uses smaller pods that travel in caravans but can split off to deliver riders to different destinations.

Virgin claims its battery-powered system is more efficient that today’s maglev trains and also creates no direct emissions contributing to climate change.

The company is aiming for “carrying tens of thousands of passengers per hour, per direction, at airplane speeds.”

Of course, that reality is at least several years away. The company has said it would like to begin commercial operations in 2027, but there’s much to be done in terms of development, navigating government regulation and construction before any paying customers step into a hyperloop pod.

The CEO of Virgin Hyperloop, Josh Giegel, says funding for the project was included in the senate’s infrastructure bill.

He boasted about the energy efficiency of the hyperloop. He added that it could cost people less than they pay for gas to ride in a hyperloop pod.

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