CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – When supply chain issues caused ships and the good they carry to back up at the Port of Savannah several months ago, solutions were sought. One of them recently enacted has resulted in four ‘pop up container’ yards throughout the state.

One of them, about five miles from the Port’s Garden City terminal is operating in conjunction with Norfolk Southern Railroad.

“It really is a ‘pop up’ if you will you know, sometimes just like you see in the Mall because it’s needed, the land was available and we could make it happen,” said Connor Spielmaker from Norfolk Southern.

Spielmaker says the land was used as a parking lot at one time. Now you can see large containers the size of a railroad car stacked up. The containers are being trucked in.

“If you have a parking garage and if there are 500 spots and there are 499 cars in there how many cars can you put in? So we’re helping to take containers off the Port so that more containers can go into the Port,” said Spielmaker. “Some of those containers will come here an some will be taken by train to Atlanta. Others will be trucked around the state wherever they need to go. And it helps us keep things moving.

Spielmaker says more containers are coming every day, some are empty and some have product inside.

“So a lot of the full ones are being moved to yards like this are typically things that would sit a little bit longer so you know, customers that aren’t necessarily needing to get it over night so they’ll be stored here until customer is ready to come and get them,” he said.

Griff Lynch, the executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority in addition to the four years already established that the GPA is looking “to go beyond the state now as we work with other customers.”

Spielmaker says the yard can hold 400 to 500 containers.

The container yards are not all near railroads. The sites are spread out, including one in Bulloch County, where all the containers are expected to be trucked out.