What do you know about tariffs? Does it affect your pocketbook?


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If you haven’t paid much attention to the issue of tariffs, you may after September 1st. That’s when the Trump Administration is imposing a new round of tariffs on $300 Billion worth of Chinese products.

Essentially, the tariffs now will affect most things made by China and sold in the U.S.

Georgia Representative Buddy Carter, (Republican from the 1st District) says he applauds the president. “China is a bad actor, they’re stealing our intellectual property and they’re not playing fair,” said Carter.

Still, there are already warnings that retailers may likely have no choice but to pass on higher costs to consumers and say this time around the tariffs will affect things like iPhones and computers.

Carter theorizes it will be worth it down the road. “It is going to be some short term pain for long term gain. Yes, tariffs are essentially taxes on us, we understand that but tariffs are working, tariffs are hurting the Chinese economy right now.”

The U.S. recently called out China for manipulating its currency so it can sell its goods cheaper on the world marketplace and give itself a competitive advantage.

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