SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – This month WSAV is unmasking domestic violence in our local communities. This Wellness Wednesday we’re looking at the many forms domestic violence can take, and how to love someone who’s in an abusive relationship.

It’s the kind of discussion we’re grateful to have with Mary Jo Horton, the Behavioral Health Manager at Memorial Health. Below are some of her thoughts about domestic violence, but we encourage you to watch the full interview.

Understanding Domestic Violence
– Abuse involved power and control and is more than physical
– It affects people from all different backgrounds and is underreported
– Disengaging from abusive relationships are complex and dangerous
– The effects of abuse continues after the relationship ends

Loving Someone in an Abusive Relationship
– Resist assumptions and lean into care
– Ask what is helpful, rather than attempting to intervene
– Remember that leaving is the most dangerous time
– Practice self-care and lean into boundaries