SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Election day is less than a week away and the results will likely only intensify what has already been a contentious political season.

On everything from abortion to what children learn in school, we are an increasingly divided nation. That is our focus this Wellness Wednesday, the mental health challenges that come with navigating our current political landscape.

As always, Mary Jo Horton, Manager of Behavioral Health at Memorial Health is our guide. Here are her suggestions for protecting your peace:

The Challenges of Navigating Political Times
• Emotions are intense, and unsafe behavior is occurring
• The ads and images are constant and pervasive
• People are attaching personal value to views

Navigating in a Healthy Manner
• Remember people we love are different than us
• Find common ground with non-political activities
• Maintain boundaries with media and conversations
• Prioritize life outside of all things political