SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The person you are, right now, is because of the choices you’ve made throughout your life, including childhood. However, many people struggle with judging themselves for those choices that often allowed us to manage and survive difficult situations and trauma.

This Wellness Wednesday Mary Jo Horton, Memorial Health’s Manager of Behavioral Health, is helping us come to terms with and heal our inner child. Below are some of her suggesting, but we touch on so much more in the video above.

Healing Our Whole Self:

  • People think of the “child within,” but it applies to all of our parts.
  • People tend to separate parts of themselves and then judge past decisions.
  • Making peace with and loving our whole self combats depression and shame.

Interventions to Healing:

  • It begins with recognizing how we talk about our past decisions.
  • Using a compassionate mindset as if you were your friend.
  • Work with a therapist to explore and release pain from trauma