Weather Wise Kids: Why do we have rain?


Taggart Cushman, 2nd Grader:  Why do we have rain?

Nearly half of Savannah’s rain falls during the summer.  Rain is important for all living things.  It makes our grass greener and helps to grow the food we eat.  Rain can even create electricity!

In order to get rain you need to have warm air that is rising.  When the warm air rises, clouds form from tiny water droplets.  If the clouds grow big enough, the water droplets will crash into each other to form even bigger drops.  When these water droplets become too heavy for the cloud to hold, they fall down as rain.

A lot of the rain we get in summer comes from thunderstorms.  These storms form because we live so close to the beach.  During the day, the sun shines down on the ocean and the land.  But the land heats up much faster than the water.  When the cooler air from the ocean meets the warmer air on land, cumulus clouds form.  If the air is humid and unstable, thunderstorms can form and produce rain.

If you put all the rain Savannah gets in one year into one container, it would be as tall as 2nd grader Taggart.

The average rainfall in Savannah is close to 49 inches or about four feet.  That is the average height of a second grade boy!

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