Weather Wise Kids: Where is the wettest place on Earth?


10-year-old Greta wants to know where’s the wettest place on Earth?

Well Greta, when it rains, it pours.

Here in Savannah, it doesn’t take much to flood.  1… 2… 3… inches of rain, and the city gets some pretty decent flooding.   Victory Drive often floods during storms.  Some downtown roads get so bad that they get blocked off.

But our rain is nothing compared to parts of India.

Cherrapunji ~ it’s one of the wettest places on Earth.

In just 48 hours, 98 inches of rain fell!!!  And yes, that set a world record.

The average rainfall in a year is 463 inches.  In comparison, Savannah gets about 49 inches of rain a year.

In India, the monsoon season brings all the rain.

During the winter months, the locals thirst for water.  This is because no rain falls during this time.  People have to travel on foot for long distances to bathe or to get drinking water.

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