Weather Wise Kids: How to make fog


Evan, 1st grade:  How does fog work?

Well, Evan fog is really just a cloud that touches the ground.  It can be thin or thick.  Fog can make it hard to see.

It happens when it’s very, very humid.  There has to be a lot of water vapor in the air for fog to form.

But Evan… you can actually make fog right at home.

For this experiment, you need some boiling water, a jar, a bag of ice and some matches.

First, pour boiling water into the jar.  Fill it about 3/4 of the way up.  Next, after about a minute, pour most of the water out of the jar.  Then place the jar back down on the table.

Next, light a match and hold it at the top of the jar for a few seconds.  Drop the match inside.   Then place the bag of ice on top of the jar.

Look inside the jar.  Very quickly water vapor starts to form.  This is because the warm water and the match heat the air inside the jar.  The warm, wet air rises up to the top of the jar and runs into the cold air that’s just below the ice cubes.

When the warm air meets the cold air, they create a cloud of water droplets.  And there you have it…  fog in a jar!

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