Weather Wise Kids: Does weather play a role in the presidential outcome?


11-year-old Isiah wants to know if weather played a role in the presidential outcome.

Well Isiah, the United States of America has had 44 presidents since it was founded.  Every four years, the American people get to vote for a new president.  Just two days ago, we did just that.

Donald Trump is now our 45th president.

Some say weather could have played a role in the outcome.

For decades, scientists have been studying how weather affects election results.  Some voters say bad weather… like storms, rain and snow… would actually stop them from getting out and voting.

Out of these bad weather voters, 27 percent are registered Democrats and 20 percent are registered Republicans.

So if you believe the findings, Republicans should hope for a soggy Election Day, as the Republican candidate will get a better turnout and more votes.

A polictical science study says this is even true for early voting days.

Question is…  was this true this time around?  Well, considering most of the country was warmer than normal and only a few rain showers stretched from the Midwest to the South, Hillary Clinton should have won.  So the findings this time just don’t fit.

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