‘We owe it to our first responders’ Nine Line donates masks to Savannah’s front liners


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Nine Line Apparel donated 1,000 masks to Savannah-area first responders.

Their donation is part of their ‘Masks for Heroes Initiative’, a campaign focused on crafting and distributing American-made protective masks to essential workers.

“That’s what our company means,” said CEO, Tyler Merritt. “Nine line is a distress call in the military we like to say its a call to action here in the United States, a call to be patriotic.”

Merritt is giving Savannah’s front liners an important gift, the ability to protect themselves.

“We have a companies that are looking out for us, its comforting to know that Nine Line in our own backyard is looking out for us,” said Savannah Fire Chief, Derek Minard. “It is comforting to know that people realize what we are up against.”

Merrit said he’s working with doctors, engineers and manufacturers to create resuable injection molded masks.

He said his company is doing cutting edge research to solve the crititcal mask shortage nationwide.

“We owe it to our first responders who we are saying you still are essential you still have to go to work to give them the proper PPE,” said Merritt. “If we can’t then we need to encourage someone that has the ability to, like the government has, to come up with better solutions now and in the future.”

Merritt said these masks are built to work like N-95s, blocking airborne germs that would lead to infection.

They’re not yet FDA approved, but Merritt hopes that’s coming soon.

“This does boost morale that they see that people do care that they are trying to develop a more resilient mask,” said Minard. “That people are looking out to give them the best possible equipment that they can wear.”

Merritt said he filed for FDA approval Thursday. Each one of his masks come with a 10 pack of pre-cut replaceable filter material.

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