I love summer… beach trips, grilling out, days on the boat… all of it.

But I am not a fan of sleeping in the heat. Warm nights are not my thing. Keeping your home environment as cool as possible can easily be achieved. There are a few simple hacks to follow.

First. Keep your blinds closed.

Up to 30 percent of the heat from outside creeps into your home through your windows. If you close your blinds, it can save you money on your power bill and it could help lower the temperature by several degrees.

Next. Close off rooms in the house that aren’t used very often.

This can prevent cool air from entering them during the hottest part of the day. Remember to turn off vents in these rooms as well if you’re using your AC unit to cool the house.

Put a bowl of ice in front of a fan.

This might sound crazy, but it works. You can even use ice packs in front of the fan. As the air from the fan blows over the ice, you will get a blast of extra-chilled air.

Change the sheets on your bed.

For the summer months, use cotton sheets. Cotton breathes easier and stays cooler.

Avoid cooking indoors.

Instead use the grill to avoid overheating your home by cooking outside.

Turn off unused appliances.

Besides the oven… consider turning off the TV, desktop computer and kitchen appliances off… don’t just leave them on standby. This will stop them from overheating and warming the rooms they are in.

Get some house plants.

Plants act as natural air conditioners and generate moisture into the atmosphere through a process known as transpiration.