SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – In a special meeting of the Savannah City Council, Alderman Tony Thomas was publicly censured.  The vote was unanimous among members present as Alderman Estella Shabazz was absent from the meeting.

The censure was related to the Alderman’s vulgar language he used toward a local TV reporter on his property Saturday.

Alderman Van Johnson said Thomas’ behavior was “dead wrong”. Alderman Julian Miller said that the public “wasn’t buying” what Tony Thomas was saying, calling it was a “smokescreen”.

The vote came after much back-and-forth between Mayor Eddie DeLoach and Alderman Van Johnson about the wording of the censure.

In the end, two paragraphs of the original censure were taken out. One included a reprimand for Thomas’ actions on St Patrick’s Day when he was caught on camera apparently passed out drunk in a hotel lobby.

The other was referencing an apology Thomas made to the Mayor after that incident, which Mayor DeLoach wanted on record, saying Thomas “lied’ about not causing any future “issues”.

When interviewed by WSAV’s Andrew Davis, Alderman Thomas said the censure was meaningless. He also stated that he felt he was the victim of a conspiracy.