WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Senate lawmakers are back on Capital Hill and just as they return, the White House COVID Response Team is begging Congress to take action. 

Lawmakers have made their way back to the halls of Congress.

“The senate gavels back in after a season of immense productivity,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said. 

But as soon as they have returned, the White House COVID Response team is urging congress to help get more resources out.

“While we may have the vaccines today for folks for this fall vaccine effort, we don’t know what’s coming next,” Homeland Security Secretary Xavier Becerra said. 

Becerra and White House Covid Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha say it will get harder if lawmakers don’t step up.

“Congress is aware that if we do not continue to fund the response, things can easily go backwards,” Jha said.

Additional funding would go towards more tests, PPE and vaccines.

“We need to play the long game against this virus and that is going to require additional resources from congress,” Jha said. 

For now, the White House is encouraging everyone to go out and get the new vaccines and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Fauci expects the COVID vaccine to follow a similar schedule to the annual flu shot. 

“With annual updated covid shots matched to the currently circulating strains for most of the population,” Fauci said.