WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — The Biden administration has announced two new initiatives to clean up emissions from the industrial sector — one of the leading sources of U.S. emissions.

“It is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country and in the world,” said Jason Walsh, executive director with BlueGreen Alliance.

Walsh says the U.S. Government is the single biggest consumer in the world.

“So it has the power to move markets,” he said.

The administration says $9.5 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure law will be used on clean hydrogen projects and that will help reduce pollution from things like steel manufacturing.

The Biden administration says it is launching its Buy Clean Taskforce to prioritize purchasing U.S.-made products with lower carbon footprints.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn says the country needs to proceed with caution.

“We’ll end up like Europe which decommissioned their coal plants and nuclear plants and their nuclear plants and now find a shortage of natural gas and energy,” Cornyn said.

But Walsh says the new programs are only the tip of the iceberg to clean up the industrial sector and a lot of work remains to be done.

“Making sure that all of the companies that bid to the U.S. government actually have a way of calculating the emissions that are embodied in the products that they’re selling to the federal government,” Walsh said. We’ve got to get that right.”