“Walls of Hope” Campaign unveils Charleston Nine Mural At Savannah Historical church


SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV-TV) – It has been ten months since nine members of mother Emanuel a-m-e church were gunned down. today a Savannah church unveiled a mural that will be sent in honor of the Charleston nine.

You may have noticed the images around Savannah promoting anti violence. Savannah youth city is extending the walls of hope campaign supporting the victims of the Mother Emanuel AME church shooting.

“Even though we are pushing the walls of hope here in Savannah for positive change, that positive change can go abroad,” says Beverlee Trotter with Savannah Youth City.

Positive change has been a message the first African Baptist Church has spread in Savannah for more than a century. Pastor Thurmond Tillman, who marks more than thirty four years of leadership, has carried on that tradition.

“We have not forgotten and we are still praying for those families and praying for our nation to be healed of any kind of racial strife and things that will divide us, and we really come together,” says the church leader.

The mural was painted by local artist Panhandle Slim to depict the Charleston nine. It will be sent back to the church to forever leave a mark of Savannah’s support to its sister city.

“I told myself I’m going to go back when nobody is there and that’s what this painting is going to be it’s going to go back for the families for the church for the community,” says Scott Stanton, also known as Panhandle Slim.

A community that now extends outside the walls of Mother Emanuel AME.

The tragedy still weighs heavily on everyone’s minds, but encourages them to support one another and push forward for peace.

“We live with it constantly so it’s good for us to see that people really care about it that it’s not just an event it’s something that will change our lives forever and it’s something  that has changed us for the good for the better,” says Rev. Dr. Brenda Nelson who is visiting from Mother Emanuel AME to accept the mural.

Savannah Youth City anticipates that the mural will be delivered to the Charleston church around June near the time of the on year anniversary of the church shooting.

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