ATLANTA (WSAV) — All eyes are on the Peach State Tuesday, once again for the crucial Senate runoff election.

Tuesday’s election will determine if the Republicans will get one step closer in the Senate or if the Democrats will expand their control increasing their majority stake.

Georgia’s first Black Sen. Reverend Raphael Warnock — who has spent nearly two years in Washington — made one final push Tuesday morning in Atlanta to win votes.

Warnock continued to advocate his stance to expand Medicaid to provide better healthcare access citing the recent closure of Atlanta’s Wellstar Medical Center as a failure.

Warnock said he will continue to fight for rights, including pro-choice abortion rights and voting rights to limit long lines and ensure all Georgia communities have a fair way to vote.

His opponent Herschel Walker said inflation and the economic crisis will continue to worsen and that he is the better candidate for Georgia.

Warnock talked about reducing the cost of insulin and lowering prescription drugs to seniors, helping pass the inflation reduction act and a bill to toughen gun control access and highlighted his competence and character.

“Georgia is better than that. We are not leaving anything to chance,” Warnock said. “This is why we are getting sprinkled and baptized together. We are leaving it all on the field. I got a feeling that people of Georgia are going to get it right and get it done.”

It will be up to Georgia voters and if Warnock can dominate in some of the Democratic counties in the metro area like Fulton, Dekalb and Clayton where he outperformed Stacey Abrams, or if Walker can gain momentum in the northern Atlanta areas of Forsyth, Cherokee and Hall counties. 

A recent Emerson College poll shows the candidates nearly neck and neck – with Warnock maintaining a slight 1-point lead over Walker. 

The pair debated in October in Savannah where they discussed inflation, abortion, crime and healthcare as most voters cited the economy as their top concern this election.