ATLANTA (WSAV) — For the second consecutive election, Georgia will head into a run-off election on Dec. 6. Thursday, Raphael Warnock galvanized voters in Atlanta.

Warnock said he has a plan to help Georgians for the next six years, something that he says his Republican challenger Herschel Walker does not. And Warnock said he’s won a run-off once and can do it again.

Warnock took to the podium at the Sweet Auburn District in Downtown Atlanta. Warnock spoke for about 20 minutes and encouraged people to show up at the polls once more for the runoffs.

“This is not a race about Democrat and Republican. It’s not a race of right vs the left, fundamentally this is a race about right and wrong. Who is right for Georgia and who is clearly wrong for Georgia,” Warnock said. 

Warnock talked about competence and character and right over wrong, what he has accomplished over the last two years and how he can help Georgians for the next six years.

Warnock talked about lowering prescription drug costs and helping the next generation of Georgians.

“Herschel Walker has no vision for our state or for our country,” Warnock said. “We have been running for a little while and he has yet to tell us what he actually wants to do.”

The Senate race is crucial and boils down to three states: Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. Arizona is leaning Democratic, while Nevada is leaning Republican, so then it could be up to Georgia’s Senate race to decide which party will gain control in the Senate.

Warnock encouraged people one more time and said a vote is a type of prayer and encouraged people to show up at the polls and do the right thing.

Walker also hosted a rally in Canton, Georgia Thursday evening alongside Sen. Ted Cruz.