SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — As Savannah Mayor Van Johnson put it, the Hostess City is at the center of the political universe tonight as Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker prepare to face off on the debate stage.

“I can not think of a better place for this debate to happen — the only debate to happen — than the place that signifies the birthplace of Georgia,” Mayor Johnson said.

Supporters of Warnock and Walker rallied throughout the city today, making it clear who they think is the right candidate to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate.

“I am proud and feel reassured to be represented by someone who is dedicated to improving our varying and diverse communities, creating opportunities for all Georgians and I know we have that person in Reverend Warnock,” supporter Donna Sanders said.

Those in favor of Warnock said the incumbent senator should be sent back to Washington D.C. for another term because of his track record, specifically referencing his work with military housing, HBCUs and insulin prices.

Mayor Johnson, who’s backing Warnock, said this election is not about personality, but qualification.

“If I was playing flag football, I would certainly want Herschel Walker to be on my team,” Johnson said. “But if I want someone to serve me in the U.S. Senate, Reverend Raphael Warnock is the clear choice.”

On the other side, supporters of Georgia football star Herschel Walker said they feel it’s time to bring in a fresh face and conservative voice to represent the state.

“We know that Herschel is one of we, the people,” said supporter Sara Lain-Moneymaker. “He’s going to get things done, he’s going to stand firm on the Constitution, he’s going to stand firm on life, lower taxes. Because if you vote for Warnock, you’re going to get higher taxes, higher prices and less freedoms.”

The debate comes after reports claimed Walker paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. Some supporters said they’re willing to look past it.

“The majority of people that are pro-life are pro-life because they feel that heart every day because they’ve made that mistake too,” Jeanne Seaver said. “What he does in his personal life doesn’t have any effect on policy, in my opinion.”

Supporters for both Walker and Warnock said while all eyes will be on Friday’s debate, they said it’s equally as important for people to actually get out and vote in November.