ATLANTA (WSAV) — With Arizona and Nevada flipping blue in the senate races, the Democrats have control of the Senate, while the Republicans have control of the House. 

Voting experts say Georgia’s Senate run-off is still crucial – because neither party will want to give up a seat in congress. 

Georgia is just 3 weeks shy of its final election of the year, the Dec. 6 run-off.

“I think turnout will be decent,” said Deborah Scott, voting rights expert and Georgia Stand Up CEO. “I don’t think it will be particularly high or as low as others are expecting. It will be difficult, especially with Thanksgiving but the good news is early voting Nov. 28th.”

“With the new law, absentee ballots need to be in the mail the day before Thanksgiving,” said political expert Bill Crane. “If you want to vote absentee in the runoffs. Historically period, three weeks vs two months the GOP has won every run-off.”

For the November midterms, a third of voters in Georgia were between the ages of 55 and 70, and 55% of voters were women.

“Black women showed up at the polls and young people showed up at the polls,” Scott said. “We want more 18-35 show up and came out in greater numbers and seniors showed up.”

While voting experts say there may be election fatigue, it’ll ultimately boil down to which party can churn people out to vote.

“This is a ground game operation in Georgia,” Scott said. “The candidates that are going to win are the ones that get their people out.”

Even if you did not vote in the midterms you can still vote in the Dec. 6 run-offs as long as you registered to vote. Early voting starts Monday, Nov. 28 until Friday Dec. 2.