It’s a video that shocked and angered many folks on social media.

Its made by some high school students, and involved politics, fire and what some folks are calling “hate”.

The video shows some Savannah Arts Academy students with lighter fluid in hand, and then a burning campaign sign for Mayor Edna Jackson.

You can clearly hear them say “Burn in Hell Edna Jackson” during the video.

The students did have a meeting with the school’s principal, who said he is taking the entire event seriously, but has decided “not” to discipline them.

“Police did look into it and again they did not find that there was any intent or it was harmful or considered a terroristic threat in any way,” explains Sheila Blanco of Savannah-Chatham Public School System. “It was kids making a regrettable decision in the way they expressed their opinion.”

Part of the reason for no discipline, the school says the video wasn’t filmed on campus, and the students weren’t at an official school function.

Video posted of Burning Edna Jackson Campaign signs

“Unfortunately students nowadays are learning that things they do and they may intend it as a joke,” explains Blanco. “But if they put it out there on social media some people can take it and put it in a different context and put it in a different meaning than they intended. That is something that everybody coming up nowadays has to learn.”

News 3 has learned the students who posted the video have been getting community service hours for working on Eddie Deloach’s Mayoral campaign.

We spoke to a campaign staff member who reiterates, they did not tell the students to burn the signs or make the video.

All students were volunteers and their actions in no way reflect on the candidate.

Mr. Deloach did reach to out Mayor Jackson today as well as the students involved to help educate them on why this behavior is unacceptable.

The campaign has also kindly asked the students not to volunteer again.