Video: What’s trending in high tech at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show


(NBC News) — The biggest exhibition of cutting edge technology in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show, is in Las Vegas this week.

It is where tech companies unveil products many of us will use for decades, with 4,000 companies showing off everything from karaoke machines to the biggest TVs ever sold.

Batteries and motors are getting smaller and more powerful, making electric scooters and even single-wheeled devices good for all day use over many miles.

Google is making a big effort to get its “assistant” into household products like appliances and TVs.

“Many of us are used to Alexa and Alexa is winning right now if you want to call it a winner. It’s in the most devices and Google is trying to catch up very quickly,” said Editor in Chief Lindsey Turrentine.

But the tech with perhaps the most potential and anticipation will not even launch here for a year or more, 5G wireless internet.

Wireless so fast it will hasten the arrival of self driving cars and open the door for almost limitless business and entertainment uses.

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