DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — An Iowa record store is closed after its owner allegedly recorded minors using the restroom.

Rob Kuhn, the owner of Wayback Records in West Des Moines, is charged with invasion of privacy after an employee allegedly found a camera hidden in the bathroom.

The underage girl says she was asked by Kuhn to go to a restroom and try on a dress so he could take her picture for publicity in the store. Before the girl used the restroom Kuhn said he had to “clean up” the room first. When the girl went in she reportedly found a camera hidden under a shirt on a nearby shelf.

When she played back the recording on the camera she saw Kuhn hiding the camera then saw herself walking into the room and using the toilet. The girl told police she took the memory card from the camera, deleted the video from the camera then went home and told her parents who called police. When police searched the memory card they found thousands of images including videos of minors performing sex acts.

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