VIDEO: Off-duty detective rescues Florida woman trapped after rollover


HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA/NBC News) — A Florida police detective’s personal dashcam captured his heroic actions immediately after a recent rollover crash.Brooksville Detective Tracey Schofield was driving behind an SUV when it was struck by another car turning into traffic.Instinctively, Detective Schofield stopped his cruiser, jumped out of the car and ran to the aid of the 74-year-old driver.“She was screaming obviously…in pain, and she’s asking for help,” he remembered.Schofield leaped on top of the overturned vehicle and got into a safe position where he was able to reach in and assist the female driver who was tangled and dangling from her seat belt.“The vehicle was resting on its passenger side so she was trapped in her vehicle hanging on the steering wheel trying to keep the weight off, so what I did, I was able to partially climb in through the broken window, get my left arm up underneath her body, and then wrap my right arm up around her head.”A Hernando County Deputy arrived at the scene, smashed out the windshield and got in position underneath the elderly driver.“He actually climbed in underneath her so if I couldn’t hold her anymore he was there to support her as well,” Schofield said.Detective Schofield says no matter how long it took, he wasn’t about to give up on rescuing the woman.“At that point, her and I were very close friends. Immediately! It was like my grandmother in that vehicle and we spent about 25 minutes in that vehicle holding each other until the fire department cut the car open and able to get her out.”We’re told the driver of the SUV is recovering from several broken ribs, cuts and bruises. The driver of the PT Cruiser was cited for careless driving.

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