Video: Mystery violinist serenades Florida shoppers


POLK COUNTY, Fla. (NBC News) – A panhandler has a growing fan base after being spotted playing beautiful music on a violin around Florida parking lots.

The mystery violinist was seen between a Target and Staples in North Lakeland. Store employees said they usually see the man set up on the sidewalk during the weekend.

Though his story and identity are a mystery, it’s clear he has an amazing talent.

“He was standing up here playing,” said Beverly Armstrong pointing to the storefront. “I even stopped the car so the kids could listen to him.”

The violinist sets up with a sign that says he lost his job and needs money. He has been spotted outside of stores in Bartow, Lakeland, and even Orlando, drawing in crowds with his musical gift.

“It’s music like you’ve never heard before. It just soothes the soul and I think he should be, instead of in a parking lot, go somewhere else where he can be recognized,” said Jennifer Douglas of Lakeland.

The mystery violinist garnered attention on Facebook after several fans shared videos of his music on Facebook. Many want to know more about his story and hope to see him catch a break.

Do you know who the mystery violinist is? Contact a reporter here.

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