Video: Man faces 28th DWI, still has valid license


(KARE) A Minnesota man is facing his 28th Driving While Intoxicated charge, and was using a valid license at the time of the alleged offense.

It’s difficult to even count all of Danny Bettcher drunk driving convictions.

The Minnesota Department of Public safety knows of 23. North Dakota’s online court records show four more convictions, to total 27, and the only records available date back to 1980. Bettcher has been driving since the late 1960s.

Bettcher’s recent arrest will make at least 28 DWI convictions if he’s found guilty. How is that possible?

“The short answer is, Minnesota does not have a lifetime ban on eligibility for licenses,” said Twin Cities Attorney Marsh Halberg.

Halberg said unlike some states that no doubt would have banned Danny Bettcher from driving long ago, Minnesota only revokes licenses for a period of time. An offender just needs to complete requirements such as fines, rehab or retaking the test.

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