Video: Man clings to hood during carjacking in Clayton County


CLAYTON CO., Ga. (WSAV) – A Georgia man’s trip to the store took a turn when a carjacker took him for a ride on the hood of his own car.

Marlin McCrary went to a grocery store in Clayton County Saturday night to return a movie at a Redbox.

He parked his car in front and left it running. Moments later, McCrary says he noticed someone in his car.

Security camera video captured the moment he stepped in front of the car and the carjacker hit him, knocking him onto the hood.

“And I was screaming at all the people coming out of Food Depot – help! Help!” McCrary recalls.

After going into oncoming traffic, McCrary was thrown off.

“[There was no] slowing down. He was going about 70,” says Marlin McCrary. “I got road rash all down my body.”

He broke his ankle and suffered other bruises.

Officials urge residents to take precaution, to avoid an incident like this in the future.

“No matter what you do if you get out of your vehicle you need to turn your vehicle off and you need to lock your vehicle,” says Captain Stefan Schindler with Clayton County Police.

McCrary says he is thankful a couple found him on the side of the road.

The suspect remains on the loose.

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