Video: Jimmy Carter: ‘If it hadn’t been for Gregg Allman, I would not have been President’

PLAINS, Ga. – (WSAV) – Former President Jimmy Carter spoke to his congregation Sunday about the late Gregg Allman. He said he never would have reached the White House without Allman’s help.

“Gregg Allman was a very close friend of mine. If it hadn’t been for Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers I never would have been president. Bill Walden got the Allman Brothers to raise money for me. So they would have a concert in Pennsylvania or New York or New Hampshire and charge 15 dollars but the 15 dollars didn’t go to them the 15 dollars went to my campaign fund.”

Carter was speaking to his Sunday School class today in Plains, Ga.

He attended Allman’s funeral Saturday in Macon.